I’m as happy as the next person to clobber McCain with anything that comes to hand, but the spin on his “not too important” comment seems to be picking up on the wrong things.

As I understand it, the point he was making was that it is not too important to bring home the troops because (and I’m quoting from memory) “American troops are in South Korea and Germany, and that’s fine.” In other words, it’s fine that American troops are in Iraq; what is not fine is that they are taking casualties in Iraq, unlike in South Korea and Germany.

So, the real question is whether it is, indeed, fine that American troops are stationed at various points throughout the world, even if they’re not taking casualties there.

And secondly, and here’s the real disgrace, he says moments before his “not too important” comment that “anyone who knows the facts on the ground knows the surge is working”. This is what really shouldn’t go unchallenged. The surge was designed to promote political progress in Iraq. There has been none. Therefore, the surge has not been working. Simple as that.